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COMMENTS: This Occult & Esoteric Web Links Site is a sub page of the Order of The Astral Star, Inc. It is intended for the purpose of providing a wide variety of unique resources and information for those seeking knowledge, wisdom, understanding of various esoteric, mystical, and magickal subjects to our patrons.

We have chosen to link to the following:

  • 1) Several General Links that can assist you to locate information about other sites and resources;
  • 2) Links to several Major Esoteric / Magickal / & Occult Organizations that we are familiar with and are well known in the greater magickal/esoteric communities at-large;
  • 3) Links of primary interest to High Ceremonial Christian Magicians, Christo-Pagans, and Christian Witches; including organizations and individuals that operate within a similar line of thought as our own Order;
  • 4) As a courtesy, Web Links to other Web Sites that have *direct* Web Links to The Order of The Astral Star's own Web Page(s) (*Noted with: "= Reciprocal Link").


DISCLAIMER: Inclusion on this (or similar) page(s) in no way indicates or implies that The Order of The Astral Star or it's membership at large endorses the teachings or practices of any individual/organization/general philosophy whose link appears here. We provide links for knowledge and informational purposes only, and have made an attempt to include a variety of different groups and philosophies for the education and/or enjoyment of all.

Please help keep this page updated by informing the Order Web Staff of outdated links and newly available resources. We make every effort to verify and update these links the first week of the month. Thank you for your assistance, and we hope you enjoy your vistit here with us!




  • Bonewits, P. E. Isaac. [*Noted Wiccan/Druid/& Neo Pagan Author's Home Page.]

  • Frost, Gavin & Yvonne [* of The Church & School of Wicca; Hinton, WV]. Take note of Yvonne Frost's article *AGAINST* Christian Wiccans/Pagans in her Jul. 2007 Comments, beware the Christo-Pagan/Wiccans!

  • Higginbotham, River & Joyce, (St. Louis, MO) [*Noted Pagan Authors' Home Page.]

  • Knight, Gareth; Official Page of this well known author of high ceremonial magick & occult subjects. Former student of Dion Fortune. (UK) [*Maintained by Gareth Knight].

  • Silver RavenWolf. (PA) [*Noted Wiccan Author's Home Page.]

  • StarHawk. (CA) [*Noted Feminist Wiccan/Pagan Author's Home Page.]


  • AquariusStar Bookstore, [Cincinnati, OH.]

  • Ghost Hunter Shop, [Lexington, KY.]

  • Enchanted Hourglass Bookstore, [Xenia, OH.]

  • Magus Bookstore, [Minneapolis, MN.]

  • MoonStruck Bookstore, [Louisville, KY.]

  • PathWays Bookstore, [St. Louis, MO.]


  • Alchemy Guild. The official Web site of the International Alchemy Guild.

  • Alchemy Lab. Dedicated to personal transformation and has been described as "one of the most stunning web archives ever" by the London Times.

  • Alchemy Website, An. A large resourse of original texts, drawings, and articles on the ancient art with an even blend of spiritual and practical material.

  • Crucible Catalog, The. Carries lab supplies, chemicals, herbs, jewelry, and many esoteric and Hermetic items of interest to alchemists.

  • Flamel College, The. An Internet portal for all kinds of esoteric and Hermetic instruction that has a large online library of original texts.

  • Paracelus College, The. An Australian site that offers information on the practical and psycholgical aspects of alchemy.

  • Rubellus Petrinus Web Site, The. A Portuguese alchemist's personal Web site devoted to practial and laboratory alchemy.

  • Spagyra Web Site, The. Practical plant alchemy and the art of spagyrics from noted plant alchemist John Reid.


  • Brotherhood of the White Temple.

  • BOTA: Builders of The Adytum, The [A Western Mystery School founded by Paul Foster Case.]

  • Fraternity of The Hidden Light, The; [*Note: Maintained by Society Steward, Paul Clark.]

  • HOGD: Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn; [*Note: Maintained by Chic & Tabatha Cicero; Elfers, FL]

  • HOMSI: Hermetic Order of The Morning Star, Inc. [* aka The Esoteric Order of The Golden Dawn. Note: Maintained by David Griffin; Ontario, CA]

  • OAB: Order of The Astral Star [*High Ceremonial Christian Magicians & Mystics.]

  • OTA: Ordo Templi Astarte. [*Methods of Classical Evocation.]

  • OTO: Ordo Templi Orientis. [*A Classic Order and Western Mystery School. Official Teachings of Aleister Crowley and the A.A.]

  • SOIL: Society of The Inner Light.


  • ADF: Ar nDrafocht Fein. [*Organization for Modern & Reconstructionalist Druids.].

  • Church & School of Wicca, The. [*Founded by Gavin & Yvonne Frost; Hinton, WV]

  • Church Of All Worlds, The. [*Founded by Richard L. Christie and "Tim" Oberon Zell; Sonoma Co, CA]

  • Circle Santuary. [*Lead by The Rev. Selena Fox.]

  • Covenant of The Goddess.

  • CUUPS: Covenant Unitiatarian Universalist Pagans. [*Affiliated with The Unitarian Universalist Church.]

  • KyWitch.Com The; [*Links to organizations and events in Kentucky.]

  • Pagan Forum of Central Ky, The; [*Networking group of pagans and magickal practitioners in Kentucky, with headquarters in Lexington.] < = Reciprocal Link >.


  • A&E's Paranormal State - The Series highlighting the investigations of the PRS (Paranormal Research Society).

  • AFA: American Federaton Of Astrologers. (HQ: Tempe, AZ].

  • ASPR: American Society For Psychic Research.

  • GPRT: The Georgia Paranormal Research Team. [*Paranormal Research Organization. Professional Ghost Hunters. President Rev. Andrew Calder, Episcopal Priest and Exorcist; OAB Associate Member.]

  • GPS: Georgetown (Ky) Paranormal Society. [*Note: aka The Boo Recon Rangers. Affiliated with The OAB: Order of The Astral Star. Headquartered in Georgetown-Scott Co. KY].

  • Ghost Chasers International (HQ: Lexington, KY); [*W/ Patti Starr].

  • KAPS: Kentucky Area Pranormal Society, [HQ: Georgetown, KY]. [*Note: President Mr. Tommy Jones].

  • KAPS Paranormal: KAPS Paranormal Radio on www.para-x.com/, recently picked up by CBS. [*Note: Airs On-Line Sunday Nights from 8:00PM to Midnight Eastern Time].

  • KSC: Kentucky Shadow Chasers (TAPS Family Member). [*Note: CEO, Ms. Fleshia Patterson].

  • PRS: The Paranormal Research Society (Founded at Penn State). [*Major Paranormal Research Organization. Professional Paranormal Investigators under Directorship of Ryan Buell].

  • PRS: The Paranormal Research Society Of New England. [*Major Paranormal Research Organization. Professional Paranormal Investigators under Directorship of Demonologist John Zaffis].

  • TAPS: The Atlantic Paranormal Society. [*Major Paranormal Research Organization. Professional Ghost Hunters.]

  • SciFi's Ghost Hunters - The Series highlighting the investigations of the TAPS (Atlantic Paranormal Society).


  • AMORC: Ancient & Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

  • Rosicrucian Fellowship, The.


  • The Order of The Astral Star's "Asteros" E-List [*With a more in depth description of many of the e-lists which follow.]

  • The AVC Christian Mage E-Group [*Used by Christian Magicians who are theologically more traditional.]

  • The Chihuahuas Lair E-Group. [A List for Christo Pagans & Christian Witches.]

  • The Christian Buddhist E-Group.

  • The Christian Craft E-List & Forum on MSN.

  • The Christian Druid E-Group.

  • The Christian Occultism I E-Group. [*Maintained by Fr. Ambrose Hawk; Viola, AK]

  • The Christian Occultism II E-Group. [*Maintained by Fr. Athaumaturgus; Columbus, OH. Focus on Magick within Catholic and Orthodox Theological perspectives.]

  • Christo-Pagan: Chicago E-Group.

  • The Christian Wicca E-Group. [*Maintained by Author Nancy Chandler Pittman; Birmingham, AL. Focus on Christian Witches in the Trinitarian Tradition.]

  • Christian Witch E-Group. [A List for Christian Witches.]

  • The Christian Witch E-Group. [*Maintained by Rawna Moon; Atlanta, GA. Used by Christian Witches in general.]

  • The Christian Witch (On-Line) Course E-Group. [*Maintained by Rawna Moon; Atlanta, GA. A general course in Christian Wicca and folk magick.]

  • The Christian Witch Coven E-Group. [*An On-Line Coven of Christian Witches.]

  • The Christo Pagan E-Group. [*Used by Christian Magicians who are theologically more traditional.]

  • Christo Paganism E-List. [*Maintained by Pagan authors River & Joyce Higginbotham of St. Louis, MO in preparation & research of their upcoming book, ChristoPaganism: An Inclussive Path. This list will probably be used by individuals who make use of the book. Book to be released by Llewellyn c. Feb. 2009!

  • The Coven Of Christ Ministries E-Group. [*Founded by Dr. Robert; HI & Maintained by Presiding Bishop Diana. An On-Line Ministerial Association for Covens of Christian Witches and Other Magickal Christians.]

  • The Christo Pagan Paths E-Group. [*Used by Christian Magicians of High and Low magickal perspectives.]

  • The Eclectic Christian Witch E-Group. [*Another List Used by Christo Pagans. Note: This List receives a *Lot* of SPAM!]

  • The Esoteric Christians E-Group. [*A List Used by individuals involved in the Northern Way Christo Pagan Seminary in TX.]

  • The Fiat-LVX E-Group. [*One of the Oldest E-Groups for Magickal Christians On=Line. Not a lot of activity.]

  • The Goddess Chrisitian E-Group. [*Maintained by Loretta Kemsley and the Northern Way of TX. Focused on Christo-Pagans & Christian Wiccans who are more Goddess Centered, Mary Magdalene, Asherah, Etc.]

  • The Magico Christianity E-Group. [*Used by Christian Magicians who mix various Dutch 'Pow Wow' Systems and techniques of Christian Voodoo.]

  • The Mary Queen of Heaven List. [Focused on Mary the Mother of Christ from a mystical perspective.

  • The Mystics in Christ E-Group. [*Used by Christian Mystics who make use of magick and divination as means of practical and personal mysticism.]

  • The Norvicensian E-Group. [*Maintained by well respected Rawna Moon; Atlanta, GA. Focus on Christian Witches in the Norvicensian Tradition.]

  • The Silver Chalice E-Group. [*Another Old List of Christian Magickal Practitioners. Not a lot of activity.]

  • The Mystical Christian Sanctuary Of Texas E-Group. [*Used by Christian Mystics who make use of magick and divination as means of practical and personal mysticism who reside in and around the state of Texas.]

  • The Virgin Mary Christian Goddess E-Group. Exploration of topics of interest relating to the Blessed Mother Mary as the Goddess in Christianity.


  • The Order of The Astral Star's "Asteros" Message Board Forum(s) and List of On-Line Message Boards and Forums [*A more in depth description of many of the e-forums and e-boards which follow.]

  • Christo Pagan Network A set of Message Boards for Christo Pagans and others.

  • The Raven's Dream Witches Message Board(s). [*A Collection of Message Boards, one for Christian Witches.]


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